BA-88260 ČITLUK,
Gospodarska zona Tromeđa 7
Pon - Pet: 7:30 - 16:00
Sub - Ned: zatvoreno
Yanmar Utovarivači V80
radna težina 4900 kg
kapacitet (bucket) 0.80 - 1.20 m3
ravno prevrtanje tereta 3770 kg
ukupna dužina stroja 5060 mm
ukupna visina stroja 2640 mm
tip motora 4TNV98C
gorivo Diesel
neto snaga 46,2 kW (63 HP) at 2200 rpm
max obrtni moment 241 Nm at 1,430 rpm
radni tlak za pogonsku hidrauliku 250 bar
brzina na tlu 0 – 20 km/h
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The Yanmar V80 wheel loader is great in tight spaces. Articulated steering offers manoeuvrability, with its 40° steering angle. Your bucket can approach loads in a straight line, even when the machine’s on full lock, giving you tight-space flexibility. There’s stability too. An oscillating rear axle ensures all four wheels are always in contact with the ground. And only the rear axle oscillates – so the weight of the machine is always moving in the same direction as the bucket.
COMPACTNESS Yanmar has a worldwide reputation for compactness in every class. The V80 continues that tradition. It’s just 2,640 mm high, 1,740 mm wide and 5,060 mm long. The bucket has turning radius of only 4,160 mm. These compact dimensions make the V80 an ideal wheel loader for tight urban sites. They also make life easier when driving to the next job. ARTICULATED STEERING The V80 delivers real stability, with four wheels that always point in the same direction. That means no damage to lawns or pavements. There’s also a short turning radius for less wear on the tyres. And in built-up locations or tight construction sites, articulated steering offers great manoeuvrability, with a 40° steering angle. This also enables the bucket to approach loads head on, even at full lock – great for picking up pallets or setting down loads in small spaces.