BA-88260 ČITLUK,
Gospodarska zona Tromeđa 7
Pon - Pet: 7:30 - 16:00
Sub - Ned: zatvoreno
Yanmar Utovarivači V70S
radna težina 5400 kg
kapacitet (bucket) 0.70 - 1.00 m3
ravno prevrtanje tereta 3950 kg
ukupna dužina stroja 5090 mm
ukupna visina stroja 2660 mm
tip motora 4TNV98C
gorivo Diesel
neto snaga 46,2 kW (63 HP) at 2200 rpm
max obrtni moment 241 Nm at 1 430 rpm
radni tlak za pogonsku hidrauliku 250 bar
brzina na tlu 0 – 20 km/h
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Looking for high manoeuvrability? The V70S is compact in height, width, length and turning circle. It also comes with a lifting frame that can slew 90 degrees to each side, so you can work at right angles to the travel direction. That’s great on tight urban sites. For stability, only the rear axle oscillates, keeping all four wheels in constant contact with the ground. And there’s a Smart Control operating system with a display that mimics your smartphone.
COMPACTNESS If you operate in tight environments such as urban construction sites, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve applied our legendary compactness to the V70S. Every dimension is a class leader. The V70S is just 2,660 mm high, 1,780 mm wide (excluding tyres) and 5,090 mm long. And there’s a smart turning radius of only 4,160 mm. These dimensions make the Yanmar V70S a highly manoeuvrable wheel loader and one that gets around the usual logistics problems created when moving from job to job. SWING FUNCTION FOR 260° OPERATING RANGE We’ve built the V70S with small construction sites in mind. We’ve ensured the lifting frame on the V70S can be slewed 90 degrees to either side without stopping. This means you can work at right angles to the travel direction. When you add this to the total steering angle of 80 degrees afforded by the articulated steering, you’ll enjoy a generous operating range of 260 degrees. And if you fill ditches or parallel-load trucks, you’ll appreciate the swing loader function.