BA-88260 ČITLUK,
Gospodarska zona Tromeđa 7
Pon - Pet: 7:30 - 16:00
Sub - Ned: zatvoreno
Yanmar Utovarivači V120
radna težina 7000 kg
kapacitet (bucket) 1.20 - 1.80 m3
ravno prevrtanje tereta 5000 kg
ukupna dužina stroja 5 480 mm
ukupna visina stroja 2 780 mm
tip motora Deutz, TCD 3.6 L4
gorivo Diesel
neto snaga 74,4 kW / 101 HP / 2000 rpm
max obrtni moment 300 Nm at 1,600 rpm
radni tlak za pogonsku hidrauliku 250 bar
brzina na tlu 0 – 20 km/h
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The Yanmar V120 wheel loader comes with a powerful hydraulic system offering hydrostatic drive technology. That gives you smooth power development with no loss of traction. There’s articulated steering for superb manoeuvrability and an oscillating rear axle that keeps all four wheels on the ground at all times. And our parallel kinematics system allows you to lift a load quickly and precisely without constantly having to adjust the loading angle.
POWERFUL HYDRAULICS Hydrostatic high-pressure transmission helps maximise productivity, thanks to the hydrostatic drive technology we employ that delivers smooth power development without any interruption of traction. In addition, the third-section hydraulics work completely independently of the hydraulics for transmission and can be used to operate the hydraulic quick coupler and common work tools. Use the additional control circuit (fourth section) for operation of special attachments which require hydraulic oil flow. The fourth section is also available with an optional high flow function. ARTICULATED STEERING Reliable, stable, and highly, highly manoeuvrable. That’s the articulated steering function on the V120, with its 40° steering angle. Even if your steering is at full lock, the bucket will still approach loads head on. So it’s perfect for picking up or setting down pallets in tight spaces. You’ll also enjoy stability in the wheelbase, with all four wheels pointing in the same direction to protect lawns and pavements. And you’ll save on tyre wear with the short turning circle.